Thursday, January 20, 2011


First of all, is anyone else enjoying the Christmas theme on my blog? Because I'm too lazy to change it so it may be there for longer. Whatever. I FINALLY put my Christmas decorations away TODAY. Yeah, that's how I roll and it's ok.
Moving on.
A few days ago, Kirk was telling me that his professor conducted an experiment with his students to see if people could differentiate between Pepsi and Coke.
There was even a kid in his class who proclaimed himself a die-hard Coke fan through and through.
And when he sipped the Pepsi he said, "YUP. That is the good stuff."
How embarrassing.
Upon hearing this story, I told Kirk that I would be able to figure out the difference between Diet Pepsi and Diet Coke because I drink like 37,986 Diet Cokes a day.
And also because I used to be a Pepsi fan.
But once I tasted the sweet nectar of Diet Coke I was immediately converted. Yes friends, that is how it all began.
Anyway, Kirk took my dare and we went to the local grocery store and purchased bottles of Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi and Diet off-brand Cola... Just to mix it up a little.
We invited Ani and Jason to participate as well.
Kirk poured 3 glasses of each flavor and we had to guess which was in each cup. We were also supposed to label each cup from most to least favorite.
Ani smelled each of them and declared she already knew the answers without taking a sip.
It took me quite some time to figure it out, but I wrote down my answers knowing I was right.
When the flavors were revealed the only person who got all of them right was Ani. And she claimed Diet Coke was her favorite. (Winner.)
I got Diet Coke right and that was also my favorite flavor. I couldn't figure out the difference between the off-brand an Pepsi. Which has stopped me from buying off-brand Pepsi. Sorry. (2nd Place.)
Jason's answers were the funniest to me.
Ani and I probably spend roughly $60 collectively on Diet Coke per month. I know, it's a little excessive but that's a Diet Coke each a day from McDonald's. So whatever.
Of course Jason thinks we're nuts and could save SO much more money by buying the off-brand because there is no difference.
So Jason claimed cup #2 was off brand and that it was his FAVORITE.
Clearly he was wrong and he claimed DIET COKE as his FAVORITE!
BOO YA. He loses. We win.
And now we can buy Diet Coke forever without a single complaint from Mr. Bosler. (Jason.)

And that, my friends, is how I came to know my true (embarrassing) love for Diet Coke to be real.

Friday, January 14, 2011

blah blah blah.

I'm probably the most cynical person I know. And sometimes when people ask me questions about my life, I even get bored with myself.
However, let me fill you all in on what is going on, because a few things have changed.

First and foremost: SCHOOL.
Because of some discrepancies on my residency forms. Ok, I guess I didn't get my license within the correct time frame. I thought I wasn't going to be able to go to school and I was so bummed about it. I am so ready to go to school and finish my education. Ryan Burton, bless his soul, has made me a sweet deal. I can start classes for second block of this semester. Not exactly what I wanted and I can't take any of the art classes I have been SO looking forward to. BUT, I am happy to just get things started.

Secondly: WORK.
I found a job. A part time job. I work 12-20 hours a week. I am a part time receptionist/admin. I am still looking for another part time job because as of right now, I do nothing until the days I work and I need MONIES. Taboo? I don't even care.

Thirdly: BLOG.
I am making a new blog. This one is killlllling me. Sometimes it doesn't let me log in... it's with my OLD email address and it won't let me add my NEW email address to the list. Why? I don't know. I have actually been trying to fix this for years but now is the time I am moving forward and making a new blog. Don't worry, you will all know when it comes.

Have you seen this?
It's awesome.
I love his blog and I check it on the daily. I love how creative he is and I love how he just self taught himself how to photograph. He's got an eye for fashion.

Monday, January 3, 2011

viva las vegas.

So two days after I came back from California, Kirk and I decided to go on a quick trip to Vegas.
We are nuts.
But seriously, this year I feel like I can't get enough vacations.
And I missed my Kirk face terribly.
Kirk gave me $11 to put into the slot machines and see what happens and GUESS WHAT!?
I won $100!
So I went shopping... :)
We had a blast walking up and down the strip, sight seeing, eating our life away and just hanging out.
There are so many amazing new hotels on the strip. We walked through a bunch of them and there is this new area called the City Center. The whole thing cost more than $8 billion and it only took a YEAR to pay off! It's insane!
Here are some pictures. We are lame and didn't bring any cameras so all we have are iPhone pictures.

This is inside the new Cosmopolitan Hotel. It's outrageously sparkly and dazzling.

Oh, and I drove there... and back. Whatever, nbd.

I found Michael Jackson on the strip... although he was wearing about 34 pounds of makeup, he was quite hilarious.

The delicious crepe at Bellagio... definitely worth the 20 minute wait...

Inside the Bellagio at the gardens... This is the ONLY picture Kirk and I took together. :)

my thoughts. again.

Again, I have so much to do,
So much to update on,
and SO many thoughts.
OF course.
OF COURSE I am distracted by my own thoughts to actually get ANYTHING done with my day.
I have a few more last minute things I need to get done at UVU.
I have to say that I am more than excited to go back to school but I just gotta get this out:
They do not make it easy... I am sick of running to campus and turning in paperwork,
I am so sick of waiting for an email to tell me I got into the class I NEED.
I am so sick of worrying about how I am going to pay for RENT and my CELL PHONE and my CAR INSURANCE... let alone food and other such necessities.
Why is growing up so hard.
I guess I wouldn't be complaining so much if I had finished school when I should have. If I stayed in school for the last couple of years, I would be done and would have a grown up job... and maybe not so stressed out about my billz.
However, I do feel like I needed that time off. I needed to grow up a little bit. Understand how important my education is. Be there for my family, get that life experience under my belt. I don't know why, but I just needed that. It gave me the motivation to do what I want to do and not what other's want me to do.
My room is a disaster zone. Actually my house is. I finally cleaned the kitchen yesterday. It was time. And now I have half finished projects, copies of my resume, thank you cards, spray paint and glitter, gifts, tissue paper and ribbons strewn about my work space. And quite honestly, I am feeling quite unmotivated to clean it up.
When there is disorder in my life, you can see it on my desk. It's just what happens.
Oh and to make things worse, I am breaking out.
Gotta love my skin. Very strange, I was totally stressed out and overwhelmed while in California this break, but for some reason, my skin did not show signs of my stress.
I guess I should probably stop complaining.
I have actually been told TWICE this break that I am negative.
Lame. I didn't think that I would be that person. I used to think I was a somewhat positive person. Life has been getting the best of me, and I shouldn't let it change me for the worst.
So this year, my resolution is this:
To be more positive.
And to simplify.
And this my friends is what I plan to resolve this year.
2011, be good to me. I need it.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year.

2010 Billboard top 25 mashup...
2011: Please be good to us.


Saturday, January 1, 2011

i wanna see this.

Hello folks.
I have much to update on.
From my whirlwind of a trip to California for Christmas,
to a spontaneous trip to Vegas...
I want to catch up on all of that.
I just want to let you all know that I really REALLY really want to see this movie:

Gweneth Paltrow. Tim McGraw. Leighton Meester.
And it's already being nominated for a Golden Globe... it's not even out yet.
AND, they are all singing their own songs. Who would have thought Leighton had a voice?
January 7th, you bet your bottom dollar I will be seeing this movie.