Wednesday, May 25, 2011

ok blogger.

Dear Blogger,
You are making me annoyed.
I think this is partly my fault but mostly yours.
You are too difficult to navigate through,
Making it way too much work to change anything on my page.
I don't like the way my blog looks anymore.
It surely is a disgrace.
So, I am starting a NEW blog.
Yes, I will still be using blogger... unless I can get my boyfriend to help me use wordpress. Which I also am not a fan of.
I'm stupid, ok?
You can consider this our first official fight blogger. And quite possibly the end of our relationship.
Take it personally.


Sunday, May 8, 2011

so many new things!

Ok ok... I just get a little over excited about things that I have discovered that turn out to be AMAZING.
First things first,
My job.
Remember, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory?
I get to eat whatever I may please.
And I get to make things.
Hello, can you say: WIN-WIN?
Downside (there's always one), it may not be helping me on my journey to lose 4 lbs. No but really, it's more like 15. But, everyone says that once you work there for a bit, you get used to all the delicious treats and don't really feel the need to eat it every second you're there. Still waiting for that moment. But, I have faith that it will come.

Nextly, I got my hair cut. Yeah, big news right? Well, it is when you go to Shep. Yeah, I'm totally advocating him here on this blog. I really enjoyed is extremely pricey hair cut and now we are besties. At least in the hair category. He introduced me to this stuff that is magnificent for my curly locks of frizzy proportions. I am always looking for new products that work better than the ones before.
It's called Bumble and bumble curl conscious creme. It's a-mazing and it makes it so I don't feel like I have tons of products in my hair. And it makes my hair look natural and not crunchy. I can't stand it when my hair is crunchy. I love it.

Fourthly, I got a new phone. So many new things! I am so happy about this new thing because my old iPhone was a piece of you-know-what. It was so slow, froze all the time... and best part is, we sold it on ebay for $50 less than the price of my new phone! WOO HOO!
Now I can play words with friends, look at my pinterest, and use instagram (I seriously am addicted to instagram) whenever I please.

Lastly, school. So it's not so much a new thing as it is a thing. I thought I was going to take all these crazy classes this summer to help catch up for fall but lo and behold, I have decided to take one online class and one 2nd block ethics class. It shouldn't be too stressful. I just have too many plans/obligations this summer that it's just too hard to smash a ton of classes together.
I seriously can't wait until I am established and don't have to travel every 2 seconds to see family and friends. It's such a downer. I wish I could just walk across the street and be with my peeps.
Those are the newest and greatest things happening in my life!

P.S. My cousin's cat had kittens... and they are adorable.