Sunday, May 30, 2010


I am currently reading THIS book:
(Little Bee)
On my way to San Fran, I was stranded in the Salt Lake airport without any form of entertainment... (whoops) I decided to get a book. I heard this was a good book and it has been a good read thus far.

Currently drinking THIS:
SmartWater. Some may think bottled water is dumb. However, I am a huge advocate (as well as Jennifer Aniston) of this water because it comes in huge water bottles making sure I drink a lot of it and it has electrolytes in it making sure I am extra hydrated.

Currently listening to THIS:


Currently eating THIS:
Giada De Laurentiis' very own Creamy Tomato sauce courtesy her line from Target. It is absolutely DIVINE in all ways and I could seriously eat this stuff by the spoonful. MMMmmm SO good.

Currently doing THIS class:

Not the easiest class for me to catch on to... My hips really just don't move that way. I love this class because I sweat like CRAZY in it and it's a major calorie burner and butt-shaper. :)

Those are my current interests and such. Enjoy!

Saturday, May 29, 2010


Well, if you read my sister's blog, you may have read that she has been going through the garage at my mama's house and has happened upon some real gems.
Diamonds in the rough, if you will.
We have never seen these pictures before, so I would like to share our treasures with you all.

Here is a picture of yours truly. Grinning from ear to ear with my upper lip curled up. Yes folks. This is my trademark smile lasting until I was about in the 3rd grade. Then the closed-eyes-in-pictures era came about... but, that's a whole other story.

My hot mama. What a babe.

Me playing horsie with my dadio... you all are lucky I cropped this picture and spared you all the sight of him in some very short shorts. Or maybe you are feeling very left out.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


I stole this picture from my sister's blog.
BeBe and Dolly probably 3 and 4 years old.
Look at those baby faces.

This is the BeBe and Dolly I remember them as... Just little babies.

Monday, May 24, 2010

bachelorette: first episode.

I do not know why the Bachelor/Bachelorette series make me so annoyed.
Well mostly because Ali is ANNOYING. Seriously, stop already with the high voice inflections. Also, stop trying to be so sweet. Be real. That's entertaining.
Secondly, her extensions are awful.
Thirdly, she needs to be normal.
Fourthly, I'm sorry. I don't mean to pick on people.
Fifthly, none of these guys are cute. They all look like little baby momma's boys.
See how this show brings out the worst in me?
I am harsh!

-KYLE!? from Colorado?? You're an "outdoorsman"?? That is your job title? That is not very promising.
-JOHN!? Proposing on the first MEET? What the heck is WRONG with you? Not entertained. Clearly.
-KIRK: I enjoyed the makeshift rose out of a napkin was cute.
-Tyler... Whoops with those cowboy boots... hahaha
-Man, I don't remember your name... the falling leaves. Classy. CLAAAASSSSYYYYYY.
-Jason. Do not do a flip off the limo. You probably hurt your foot and now you're just in pain. And making people feel awkward. Including myself.
I think I like this show because I enjoy the awkwardness it brings. haha
-Justin: Rated-R wrestling broken leg guy, YOU LOOK FAMILIAR. I think we have met. Like, did we go on a date? (P.S. You're my favorite)
Ali, you have a dirty mouth. NOT classy. Trashy.
I am already halfway through this show and there have been 3 "mama's boys" confessions thus far. What did I say?
And to top it off - Ali, you have a bunny tail on the back of your dress.
That is all.

if you're going...


Alix here. I am FINALLY finally home.
After yesterday, I was certain I would not make it home.
Well, let me start from the beginning.
The trip itself was a success. Kirk and I had a great time relaxing, eating way too much pizza, and taking in the city.
The first night, we stayed in a small hotel in Nob Hill. Also known as, SNOB hill - so I've heard.
Anyway, it ended up being this little tiny hotel that had a very old elevator with manual doors. Heavy doors. Our room was right next to the fire escape so naturally I climbed out the window and up the fire escape to the roof.
Here is a picture we took up there. Excuse the quality... we only had our iPhones with us...
It was pretty crazy!
Then we came back to our room and the TOILET was broken!! AHHH! We also had no air conditioning... so I almost died of a heat stroke that evening.
The next day we went to the Cheesecake Factory on top of Macy's in Union Square!
It was a gorgeous day and we were able to eat outside on the terrace!
We walked down to Union Square and did some much needed SHOPPING!
We hit up H&M, Anthropology, Nordstrom, BLOOMINGDALES! WHAT?!
I had saved up some monies for the shopping in SF and was so excited to spend. it. all.
We ate pizza every single night while in SF and I'm pretty sure every place we ate at was absolutely delicious.
On Saturday night, I went to my Aunt's house in Noe Valley and surprised my Dad.
It was pretty dang funny because he had NO idea I was coming and he thought I was the freaking neighbor! haha We had a great BBQ and watched fireworks in her neighborhood.
(me, my Dadio and my aunt's dog, Oliver in her house in SF! Gotta love my Dad's teacher/highschool sweatshirt. COOOOOL!)
It was a fun ending to a great trip!

Now, for the trip home.
We made a VALIANT effort to make our flight on time. We got to the airport 5 minutes before our flight took off. Needless to say, we missed it.
Southwest decided to put us on standby for a number of transfer flights to get us home to Salt Lake. We got a flight to San Diego and had a layover there for 6 hours.
The layover itself was actually kind of nice. We ventured off to a random hotel down the street from the airport which was right on the beach and we hung out in the lobby. The weather was gorgeous and we were secretly wishing we would have gone on vacation there instead of SF :)
We got on our flight to Las Vegas which was supposed to connect us to a flight to Salt Lake City.
They had warned us that the flight from Vegas to Salt Lake was full and there was a possibility we would not make it home that night. (BUMMER)
The flight landed in Vegas and they called Kirk's name over the intercom and told him to get off the plane. I was a little freaked out because that meant the flight was full and I was going to have to fly back to SLC by myself. (BUMMER)
Right before we were going to take off, one of the stewardess' came up to me and told me Kirk got on the flight HOWEVER, he may be regretting getting on the flight because he was in between two 350-pound men and one of them took their SHIRT off! haha poor KIRK!
After that, and one VERY rough landing, we made it home safe and sound. And VERY tired.
WHAT an adventure.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

i'm losin it.

I'm losin' my mind.
Here is the proof:
There I was, waiting to turn left in the middle turning lane, and all these cars kept driving towards me, getting in my lane and honking at me.
I was so annoyed because I'm like, just don't drive in the turning lane like it's a regular lane.
Then, I notice like 5 cars driving towards me and I was so confused because I am in the turning lane.
No I'm not.
I am in the WRONG lane.
Don't worry, no accidents occurred during this "moment."
So there's your proof.
I lost it.

In other news,
I dyed my hairs.
It's actually not permanent... so don't get too attached. It's just a little change of scenery. I like it. :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

so i've noticed.

Over the last few days, there have been some very interesting things I have noticed and since I just love lists SO much I have made one just for you.

-Today, Shea and I were conducting interviews for some summer hires and I NOTICED that some people really don't know how to interview well. Por Exemplo: We asked how they would handle conflicts between co-workers and one girl related it to problems she had with her roommate and said she just decided to move out. Well... this is probably not something we would like... we don't want you to just quit when problems arise. No bueno.
-I went to the gym later than I usually do tonight, and I noticed there was an exceptionally large male to female ratio... Why do the males tend to work out during the later hours of the evening?
-I also noticed 3 separate couples that decided to hold hands while walking through the gym to their next venture. Be it the Treadmills or weights, they were holding hands from one destination to the other. All I could think about was their sweaty little grips they had. Sick.
-I just got a vanilla lime candle and burned it last night and today I took my hair out of its pony tail and got a whiff of my candle. Also strange.
-I noticed the girl in the Yoga class I went to this evening was breathing extremely loud. Yoga people are weird. Sad that I automatically think Yoga people are weird because one girl was a super loud mouth-breathing weirdo.
-I noticed that since I found 12 boxes of Dots in Kirk's office, I have eaten a box of Dots a day for the last 5 days. I don't even like them. I just eat them.
-I noticed the Dr. Scholls insoles for HER commercial and I want to try them. Do they work with sandals too?
-I noticed that Kirk looks FABULOUS in hot pink. I mean really...

-Last, but certainly not least, I noticed this mullet with legs walking through the mall during my lunch break. Very enjoyable.

Happy Monday.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

oh life.

Sorry I haven't been a good blogger lately.
I have been feeling slightly unmotivated and finding that nothing has been "blog-worthy."
I do feel like I can complain about a few things because I can:
(man, I'm a brat. whatever.)
-AT&T has managed to ruin my cell phone bill ONCE again. Well let me begin by saying that the AT&T store at University Mall is dumb. Don't go there. Secondly, I recently switched to my OWN bill and I asked to have unlimited texting. They did not give me unlimited texting so I had to go to the store and have them fix it. This month, when checking my bill, it was a good $200 over what is should have been and it's all because SOMEONE didn't get the memo to change my bill to UNLIMITED texting. Seriously so ridiculous. I'm about ready to just throw my cell phone and bill out the window and say sionara.
-I am a little bit depressed about being all caught up on 30 Rock and I am considering starting from the beginning again.
-I am dying my hair darker because I have no idea what I can do to my hair to make it something that I love. I find myself being unsatisfied with my locks everyday and I hate it.
-I am dehydrated. That's annoying.
-I am annoyed with myself when I don't go to the gym everyday because I am paying for it everyday. And because I really want to lose 3 pounds.
-I think I have vertigo. Also annoying.
-I really wish I were insured so I can get my vertigo checked out.
-I may be giving up my no tanning fast... I'm so pasty.

Don't be alarmed, I am not such a pessimist all the time. Just for a moment I get annoyed with a few things. That is all. I am human, is this not reasonable?

Ok ok... so there are a few things to be optimistic about:
-Kirk and I are going to San Francisco this weekend. I am ready for a break.
-My room is clean, my bathroom is clean, and I am all caught up on laundry.
-Summer is basically here. I am happy about the lovely weather we have been having.
-The dark spot corrector is working.
-I was on the elliptical for 40 minutes on Thursday. I am proud of myself. This may have been due to the Grey's Anatomy that was on the television in front of me.
-Leftover honey lime enchiladas for lunch tomorrow.
-My zebra dress I found. I shall be wearing that tomorrow con some boots. SEX-Y.
-It's supposed to be 80 degrees tomorrow. JOY.

And here is a picture from when Kirk and I saw Iron Man 2. It was great. And Tony Stark and I are BFF's. Jealous?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

rant: the hills.

I can't even look at this picture without letting out a big embarrassing, hysterical laugh.
I mean, FOR REAL. Actually it's more of a FOR FAKE.
I admit, this show is and has been a guilty pleasure in my life. And I can honestly tell you I have no idea why this show intrigues me so.
What I will tell you right now is that this show has gotten DUMB-ER. If that is even possible.
Now, you may be thinking to yourself, "Alix, why are wasting this topic on a blog post... this is clearly NOT blog-worthy."
And I am here to tell you, "YES. IT. IS."
I have tried my whole life to be like Lauren Conrad. Dramatic? Yes.
She dressed well, she was pretty, she was friends with Brody Jenner (HELLO.) and she went to fashion school. Her life was PERRRRRfect. She even decided to kick Heidi and Spencer out of her life (good call) who are CLEARLY off their freaking ROCKERS. Yes, rockers. Like, old crazy people who SHOULD be sitting in their rockers, being safe, but against better judgement have chosen to be OFF of those safe rockers.
I digress.
This show has gotten ridiculous. This may not be news to anyone.
Heidi is all barbie and speaking in such high tones that even a dog could not hear her. Spencer is all into crystals - Kirk's theory is Spencer is on drugs. Everyone else is too busy being fake and pretty and wearing designer clothes that this show has no content. Even though Kristen Cavellari is the greatest biznatch this side of the Mississippi (except for me, right? Only biznatches can speak about the Hills). Nothing worth even having a conversation about. BUT definitely worth blogging about. Haha.
When speaking about the O.C. post Marissa's death, "When they killed-off Marissa, they killed the show."
Well I am here to inform you, since you ALL care so much about this waste of time people call entertainment, "When Lauren left, she took the show with her."
The Hills has officially lost a viewer today.

(Except for next week when we find out exactly HOW crazy Spencer and Heidi Pratt really are.)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

moral dilemma.

As most of you know, I broke my foot... in March.
I acquired a temporary handicap tag that has allowed me to park closely to the entrance to the mall, where I work.
What you don't know is...
My tag doesn't expire until May 31st and I am clearly and fully healed.
What you don't know is how spoiled I have become. Just today I went to WalMart with Kirk and was so annoyed that all the handicap spaces were taken by people who actually HAVE a legitimate reason for parking in those spaces.
Or last night while parking to go see Iron Man 2 (enjoyable), I parked in the handicap spot, passing all of the humble people parking in REGULAR parking.
I am actually dreading the day my handicap tag expires because then I will become a commoner and have to park with the rest of the small people who are not as privileged as me.
WHO the freak am I?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Sorry everyone. I feel like I have been M.I.A. for the last little bit.
I have been too preoccupied with this show.

I don't know why I didn't listen to Heather a long time ago!
This show is a favorite and highly addictive.
I am admitting right now, that I started watching this show on Friday night and am now fully caught up all the way through season 4. Do you see why I have fallen off the face of the earth now?
I am feeling slightly depressed though. I tend to become a little TOO obsessed with shows and run them to the end too quickly. I don't savor the flavor as I should.
BUT alas, this show is still a favorite and now I can relate everything in my life to 30 Rock.