Monday, September 29, 2008

slight addiction

Ok, beside the obvious addiction to diet coke, chipotle, carrabbas, chips and salsa... (you get the idea.) Lately, I have been absolutely content with spending countless hours wasted by watching TELEVISION.
I especially love watching seasons of TV shows in succession. So far, I have fulfilled my deep void in my life of The Office... (my new favorite show ever... aside from Friends.) and I have just started falling in love with the comedic drama - House. Oh, it's sooo incredibly enthralling.
John and Kate PLUS Eight. A reality show on TLC that exhibits a REAL family in a lot of circumstances that may not always be perfect. I LOVE IT!
I also enjoy watching anything and ALMOST everything on the Food Network and um... call me a lame wannabe girly girl, but I cannot miss an episode of the Hills. I live vicariously through them, which translates to, I WISH I WAS THEM.
Now, I could almost guarantee that some therapist would tell me that I am trying to escape from my reality... this could be true because HELLO! Television is so much more beautiful... everything is much more GLORIOUS!

There is no cure.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Alright, Heather said I need to update my blog so here I am... Updating my blog.
Now, I vowed to make my blog a fun and enjoyable experience for those of you who would like insight in my life. However, SOMETIMES life is full of stuff that REALLY REALLY gets to you... you know? For example, I know that it can be very annoying when people never call you back... for months and months and months - and let me tell you, I am completely and 100% guilty of that charge. (Seriously, I have probably lost a few friends and jobs because of it.)
But, let me tell you what I HATE! My pet peeves if you will.
In no particular order:
1. When people you think are really awesome smoke... And this may be a shallow pet peeve but, common, who smokes anymore? I thought we weren't in the 1990's anymore.

2. When people have a problem with you and decide not to tell you about it and then you hear from some totally irrelevant person about the problem. For example, at work the other day I got in trouble for spending too much time talking to my dear coworker and friend, Heather. WHO SAID IT!?!?! I don't know. Apparently I'm still in high school. AWESOME. Grow a pair managers... grow a pair. (No, I am not bitter, I'm just a free spirit who HAS to work to maintain a lifestyle which does not include homeless.)

3. When people take FOREVER to text back. I understand a few minutes or hours if there is some sort of emergency, but if you are in a texting conversation (so to speak) I think it is RUDE to just stop. Let a sista KNOW!

4. When people think they know me and try to talk to me about my personal life. You don't KNOW ME!

5. When people are irrationally mean and unkind.

Does it seem like I am talking about specific outbreaks of these annoyances? Well, that's because I am. I am at my wit's end with these things. It's time to grow up people and face your problems like adults. Because that is what we are, after all.

I work with a bunch of 9th graders.