Saturday, December 31, 2011

oh my word.

good golly miss molly.
this holiday season has gone by much to fast.
i have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off for the past few weeks and i think this feeling won't go away until after March 9, 2012.
So many things to catch up on...
Katie Porter's wedding
Staying at the Beeson's abode
The kid who threw up during the opening prayer, all down the aisle... splash zone
flying on the tiniest plane I have ever been on in my life
A very Portland Christmas
The best crepe I ever had
Packing and moving (so glad phase one is complete)
Driving to California all by my lonesome while my oh so kind fiance decided to take a trip to L.A. and leave me alone on New Years. It's ok. I promise...

It is now time for me to relax and put my dogs up... at least for a day or two.
And then about to begin phase 2 of wedding planning. Let the fun begin!


Friday, December 2, 2011

quite the thursday night.

Sometimes the Turkey works a lot.
And by sometimes, I mean for the last 6 months or so.
You see, he and his friends started a business. It's called Scan Inc.
They are hoping to make their website public this week.
They are busy bees and nothing makes me cherish those moments that I have with the Kirk more.
Last night, we decided we probably should go on a date since I can't remember the last time we did so.
Usually, our evenings consist of me hanging out on the couch watching all manner of television - Sister Wives, House, Big Ban Theory, Friday Night Lights... The list actually is quite extensive and I just would hate to bore you with all the shows I watch. It really is pathetic.
(However, my cable at my apartment is not currently working due to my lack of motivation to do something about it... so I don't really watch TV unless I'm at Kirk's.)
Anyway, I watch TV while Kirk works in his office. Sometimes I make treats or dinner by myself and bring it to him as if I am his 1950s housewife. Sometimes there is no food around and I beg him to take me out.
Well, last night was my lucky night. We went to Guru's for some ever-so-delicious sweet potato fries and tortilla salad. I was mid sweet potato fry when in walks none other than Jimmer Fredette with his fiance. 
I was all, "Hey Kirk, I think that's Jimmer."
And Kirk was all, "No... he wouldn't come here."
You see, Kirk isn't really a huge fan of the Guru's sweet potato fries. Sometimes they mess up Kirk's order every time he goes there and he doesn't like caesar salad wraps! So clearly, his logic is that if he doesn't like it, neither should Jimmer.
Moving on.
Jimmer ordered his food and sat only 2 tables down from us. Onlookers from around the restaurant stared and whispered and smiled and giggled.
I, on the other hand, played it cool... and snuck this photo:

I'm one sly dog.
Kirk then tried to demonstrate the way looked while I took the picture:

The Jimmer finished his meal while his fiance was on her phone... I thought this would be the perfect moment to ask to take a picture with him. Kirk begged me not to, but I stood up about to walk over when Jimmer and his beloved got up and walked out of Guru's never knowing my hopes and my dreams. Kirk told me that Jimmer could probably sense what I was about to do and hopped out of there so he wouldn't be bothered. Shoot.

The night continued. We wanted to see a movie and after careful research, it looked like HUGO would be the best option. 8.6 on IMDB? Ok. We'll give it a shot.
I came home to change into something more comfortable for the 10pm movie when Kirk informed me that he wouldn't escort me to the theaters if I didn't wear his gift to me.
My jumpin' jammerz. I fought him on the matter but ultimately gave in. I found it only suitable to wear some jumpin' jammerz to the movies on the night I saw Jimmer. They are my jumpin' jimmer jammerz.
I was only mildly embarrassed when the lady behind the concession counter complimented me on my cute pajama pants... and then I unzipped my jacket to unveil that the pants were actually a onesie. Oh the humanity.
I know I look psycho. And those UGGs. I already know all of the fashion rules I am breaking, ok?

The movie was pretty good in my humble opinion. Definitely long and kind of slow, but I focused on the story and the details of the movie and fell in love with it. Kirk on the other hand, slept during the vast majority of the movie. 

Oh well, at least I had fun on our date night.