Monday, August 25, 2008

i want....

There are a few things that I really really really want... I know it is sinful to covet and desire such worldly items but, common... I am human.
These days I would enjoy a nice kitchen aid. I am currently setting money aside so I can purchase my very own BEAUTIFULLY colorful Kitchen Aid so I can mix and bake my very own confections which includes but is not limited to my DELICIOUS chocolate chip cookies... mmMMMmmm...

These are some colors and styles that I am thinking about. Buying a Kitchen aid is definitely an investment. I want to make sure it is something that I would like to have on my kitchen counter for a while. I don't want a black, silver, white or red one. I need a splash of color... one of these is a retro chic version... I just love these things!


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Thanks Ramon... Thanks.

No, I am NOT pregnant.
I am only SLIGHTLY offended.
Last summer I bought this charcoal/brownish shirt from Banana Republic. I fell absolutely in love with it because it accented all of my favorite features while hiding my least favorites (namely, my stomach.) I went on this huge shopping craze last summer and consuming most of my money was Banana Republic. Actually, that really doesn't relate to the story at all.
ANYWAY, I decided to wear this shirt to work today with black pants and a pair of black flat shoes. I thought I looked pretty dang good... If I do say so myself. The shirt however, hugs my chest region while kind of bubbling around my stomach. I THOUGHT IT WAS CUTE!
Then, it happened. I was walking around down by the sales area at work and a salesman, RAMON, spanish young man, asked me if I was pregnant. WHAT.
Ok, FIRST of all, I'm not even MARRIED... which apparently doesn't really matter to ANYONE these days... all these celebrites having the baby first and then getting married. Or even excusing the whole marriage option altogether. HOWEVER, I am not like that. As much as I wish I could be famous, I'm not. And therefore, do not follow the crowds of Hollywood.
Maybe, I thought, there was some sort of language barrier that affected the outcome of his question... Either way, SOMETHING provoked this.
"No, I am NOT pregnant. " I told Ramon.
"But, thanks for noticing my really cute shirt."
Ramon replied, "No, I mean, I don't think you're fat. You are just really blessed with that area..." (pointing to his own chest.)
"HAHAHA! Thanks Ramon... now go sell a car or something."

I am never wearing this shirt again. Unless I am 20 pounds lighter and can NEVER NEVER EVER be confused for pregnant.

Does anyone want a new shirt?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

One of my MANY weaknesses...

One of my FAVORITE restaurants of all time is this great Italian place called "Carrabbas." It's delicious menu and rather romantic atmostphere makes me feel like I am actually dining in a quaint little town in Italy.
While enjoying our weekly Pollo Rosa Maria (only the very best thing on the menu EVER... especially if you get the fried zucchini appetizer.) our waiter came by to converse with Kirk and I. Normally, I would prefer not to be bothered while I eat my delicious food, and savor every single bite of my tasty chicken stuffed with fontina cheese and prosciutto; grilled to perfection and topped with lemon butter sauce and basil.... (My mouth waters just THINKING about it. Not to mention they have the best diet coke this side of the Mississippi. Seriously... I highly recommend this place.) Anyway, Kirk, being the social butterfly that he is, had sparked a conversation with our waiter who goes by the name Regan and has divulged information about his life such as BUT, not limited to, his marriage, midgets, and why he works at the heavenly restaurant. After our absolutely exquisite meal, Regan let us know that next time we come in we should ask for him and he will get us a FREE appetizer - namely the fried zucchini.
Excited we were when we left with the belief that we would get a free appetizer upon our next visit! haha...
So the story continues...
On Friday night, I was craving Carrabbas. Kirk and I decided it was time to go and we invited Ani and Nate to join us. When we got there I remembered that we could possibly recieve a free appetizer and that we should get Regan to come to talk to us. Kirk was slightly nervous because he thought that Regan needed to be our current waiter in order to get the deal. But, Ani assured him that it was not so and proceeded to ask our waitress to retrieve Regan for us. Once he came to our table, Kirk had worked himself into an awkard state of uncomfortableness and it took all he could do to ask for this free appetizer. While he spoke, I realized how awkward this situation really was. Regan explained to us that he was supposed to ask for Regan to be our WAITER and then he would get the good tips and so on and so forth. But, he said he would talk to our waitress and see what she could do.
Then our waitress came over and she became very short and on edge with us.
"How do you want this to be done? Do you want it to be just a free appetizer or would you like me to use an appetizer card for you... Either way you'll get a free order of fried zucchini."
Needless to say, we got our fried zucchini but it could not be fully enjoyed soley because we felt so cheap and out of place. Note to self: never ask for free stuff unless you know EXACTLY how to do it... especially at a restaurant.
HOWEVER, Carrabbas will still and always be my absolute FAVORITE Italian Restaurant or, dare I say, favorite restaurant altogether.