Friday, April 29, 2011

the story of the crepe.

It's quite the experience when you realize that what you thought you thoroughly enjoyed is, in fact, something you detest.
A strange experience indeed.
I enjoy most foods that involve
goat cheese,
tangy things.
Thus, the reason why I have an inappropriate relationship with deviled eggs.
(Which, by the way, I just discovered the reason WHY they are called deviled eggs... those suckers are a moment on the lips but forever on the hips if you know what I mean.)
Anyway, when Kirk and I were in Vegas a while ago, we went to the Bellagio and had a feast of crepes.
I was starving and so very excited to eat my savory chicken, basil and provolone crepe.
Then, I took the first bite and fought back the urge to gag.
Eggy mess.
I didn't know how much I do not enjoy eggs in a crepe manner.
I thought I liked eggs. In every way they could be prepared:
But alas, only when eggs are boiled and served with mayo do I fully enjoy the flavor they bring to my pallet. And the reason being that they incorporate some sort of mayonnaise-y goodness. Did you know mayo contains a lemony flavor? Reason number 2 why mayo rocks my socks.

it's a very bitter-sweet thang.

Bonjour readers.
Today was my very FIRST day working at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and I am proud to announce that I only ate 6 pieces of chocolate and 1 apple pie caramel apple.
Are you proud too?
My hope is that I don't gain 50+ pounds working there but then again, I really can't remember being so happy at work... So I feel as though it's ok if I do.
What does healthy diet really mean anyway?
NO but really guys, I will probably become the biggest fatty ever if I keep it up.
'Tis why I call it a bitter-sweet thang.
Tastes so delicious.
But as my uncle would say,
"You might as well glue that chocolate to your butt."
Whatever. Some say you get sick of seeing, serving and tasting all the candies and delicious apples of wonderment, that you start to LOOSE weight. I'm going to wait for that day to come very patiently and enjoy gorging myself in all the flavors God as blessed us with.

Moving forward.
I want to go shopping SO very bad.
Every morning when I get dressed, I look in my closet with sadness and woe and wonder where all my cute clothes went. And then I remember I don't work at a mall anymore where clothing is so easily attainable and where I can see styles-a-plenty and copy them. Yeah, we all do it.
Now I feel like a frumtastic chocolatier.
You know when you feel like you have worn every single thing you own at least a thousand times and you need something new to make you feel sparkly and fresh?
That's how I feel.
So I will probably do something to rectify this wardrobe related issue.
Shop on.

Also, I found this picture of Jessica Biel
And may I just say that
a: J. Biel is a stunna. Meaning stunning.
B: How come SHE can do the middle part without looking like someone's butler? (aka, me.)
c: I love her hair. The color. The cut. And I am going to try to replicate it. Who's with me?

Oh and I got the shake-weight. I just had to try it. And believe it or not, it does make me feel like I did 50 pushups in 6 minutes.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

she beat me to the punch.

My beautiful sister graduated from COLLEGE!
WHAT the crazy!
I still got the whole born first thing going on, so that's great.
But it was an accomplishment to celebrate to say the least!
It started on Thursday with a commencement ceremony and Elder Richard G. Scott from the quorum of the twelve came to speak!
There were about 8,000 graduates this year and the Marriot Center was filled to the brim. My mom and I found a golden seat right above Ani who was quite easy to spot since I decorated her cap and all.
Don't mind my glorious state of beauty... it was a delirious night.
Sadly, we had to leave a bit early because I had my last class of the semester to go to and my mom kept complaining that the ceremony was boring. (I think we were bugging our neighbors...) So we hopped out of there and beat the traffic.
But guys, Friday is when the REAL fun happened.
That day started at 5:30 AM for miss Ani and 6:30 for everyone else. It was a killer morning and we were about 10 minutes late but we found another GOLDEN seat right in the front and had a great view of all the students shaking hands with the Dean and getting their diplomas. (Is that what college grads get? Diplomas? Clearly, I'm not graduating yet.)
There were a billion names. I swear. Which doesn't all add up since there were SUPPOSEDLY like a thousand graduates there... But I feel like there were more names than the program said. And I believe there was a guy with the middle name of "Stupendorf." I am not kidding. True story.
We then headed to the bell tower to have a mini photo shoot with both families.
I feel like I have to put a disclaimer before showing these photos because I was running on about 4 hours of sleep and for some reason was quite pale. Also, my outfit was really cute in real life... but for some reason didn't quite look as awesome in the photos. Obviously this was not MY day, but seriously.
The Mama Llama came to visit! Splendid!
My dad's side half siblings! Sarah B., David J. and my twin, Victoria!
The proud parents. We may or may not have given Ani a joint graduation gift and said on the card, "We are so proud of you!"

Moving forward.
We then went to Malawi's at the Riverwoods... a seriously fabulous pizza place, with my dad's family and Kirk and Jason. We ordered 9 pizzas plus 2 dessert pizzas. It was delicious! We stayed there for like 4 hours laughing, chatting, goofing off and being awesome.
We had so much fun that my throat hurt from talking so much.
We said our goodbyes and then it was back home for a little R&R before Ani's graduation dinner at La Jolla Groves with my Mama, Rachel, Travis and of course, Jason and Kirk.
Jason decided he wanted to go play tennis with a couple of friends before dinner and lost track of time and showed up wearing his tennis clothes... which included a pair of MY old basketball shorts from high school that may or may not have been about 4 inches above his knees and were also light blue and a teal sweat jacket... Quite the ensemble. I about died when he walked in like that and I REALLY wish I would have taken a picture of such a magical moment. Sometimes, we don't know what that kid is thinking. He will never live that down.
After dinner we FINALLY finally came home and relaxed. I feel like I'm still recuperating from all the hustle and bustle of yesterdays festivities and I should be focusing on planning my lesson for tomorrow.
Congratulations Ani! What a stupendous accomplishment!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

next stop: vegas please.

Yup. Kirk and I went to Vegas again. It's the fourth time we have been in our relationship and I believe the number will multiply as time goes on.
We seriously love it there.
It's just far away enough from Utah so we actually feel like we are on a vacation but, close enough so we can drive there in about 5.5 hours. It's worth it.
We pretty much hung out and walked the strip. (As per usual.)
The weather wasn't as warm as one would have hoped (ahem, me) so no pool time was allotted.
We did a little shopping, a little relaxing and some casino hopping.
I personally do not really find any gambling to be entertaining but Kirk finds it fascinating.
He always gives himself a little budget to squander (which generally happens, but he doesn't care.) It's fun to watch money disappear?
He gave me $5 to put on the roulette table. I wasn't allowed to have the $5 unless I put it on the table. But, as luck would have it, I won like 7 times in a row. What can I say? I'm a natural.
Whatever. It's totally the devil luring me in.
Anyway, we had a grand old time in sin city.

(My favorite hotel, the Cosmopolitan. Inside their chandelier lounge. Divine.)

But, may I point out that this time, I was definitely carded every time I was at any sort of slot machine, table or even in a restaurant that had a bar...
um, do I look like I'm not of age??
After about the 5th time of asking for my I.D. I became a little annoyed and finally asked, "Do I look like I'm 12?"
And the lady said, "It's the hair."
What? MY HAIR?
I suppose that's a compliment. Most babies do have soft, shiny, luminescent hair.
The next gentleman who asked to see my I.D. looked at it and seemed surprised that I am the age that my license says.
Seriously, what's going on here. I feel like I'm in the twilight zone. So, pretty much I look like I'm a child and I don't belong in the ages 21 to 25 bracket.

I remember when I was 18 and just moved to Rexburg, my roommates and I would ask guys (mostly the ones that we were totally crushing on) how old they thought we were and they would respond with, "Oh you guys look like you're 20 or 21."
OH! OH! And then when I went back to work at Color Me Mine about 3 months ago, one of the employees asked how old I was and I said, "23."
To which she quickly responded, "Oh my gosh. You totally don't even look like you're 23. You look like you're 20. MAYBE 21. I would have NEVER guessed you were 23."
Excuse me little lady, but what exactly does 23 look like? An old hag? I mean really.
If I were a bit older and confused for 20 or 21 rather than 30, then yes, compliment me away. The younger the better. Keep it coming.
But I think I'm still young enough to where I am slightly offended by the ages people assume I am.
Any explanations?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

i definitely need a trainer or something.

So, I'm starting to get this butt to the gym a little more often than I have been in the past 8 months. I'm supposed to be ready for summertime or something? I have a mostly LOVE/slight hate for summer because it's a wonderful time of the year where you lay out and be lazy and feel the sun on your skin... but then there's the whole bearing skin thing which I have ALWAYS had issues with.
I don't like to wear swimsuits and any pictures with me in one should and will be burned.
Anyway, I am trying to put more effort into my physical fitness. But it's hard and I have learned that I have like .078% self-control. What. The. Heck. I can't eat that whole pizza? Or that entire bag of chips? Lame. If I can't eat that, then whats the point in being healthy... or living for that matter. Shoot.
I totally buy healthy food but when I'm hungry, I don't want that. I want Cafe Rio and J Dogs hot dogs and Wendy's french fries. Apparently those aren't healthy. Whatever.
Here's my problem:
I'm a night time eater. My hunger sets in at the end of the day and that's when I want to relax and eat an entire Thanksgiving dinner. What? Don't act like you haven't wanted to do that either. There's nothing more comforting than going to bed feeling well fed.
Going to bed hungry? Not so fun. I seriously put all my focus on the fact that I'm STARVING and my stomach is howling at the moon. And I like CRUNCHY things. The crunchier the better. Like, I want to almost crack my teeth. Ya. I'm all sorts of crazy.
Tell me, what healthy things are that crunchy? NOT many my friends. Not many.
I guess I'm just complaining because losing 15 pounds is way harder than I thought it would be.
And it's mostly on my mind because I just came home from work about an hour ago and ate a delicious plate of homemade nachos.
I'm soooo bad. SOOO bad.
There's this show that was on MTV called "I Used To Be Fat." Think they should make one for me called, "I'm On the Road to Becoming Fat," or rather, "I'm 'gon be a fatty."
People. Motivate me.