Saturday, June 26, 2010


Today I got to play with long time BFF Heather (commonly referred to as "Cheadsz"), her son Brooks and also her husband Brooks. Don't be worried, confusion is avoided in this family by using the names within context. I didn't quite catch on, but one day, one day.
Well, the day started off with the Lively clan informing me that my mailman is in fact
Exhibit A:

He's even doing Elvis-like moves whilst putting the mail into the corresponding boxes. He also listens or possibly SINGS Elvis songs. It's true. He lives. And he is my mailman.

Moving along.
We then went to Ikea where we had a less than impressive check-out lady.
Then to the Supermall where I bought things that I TOTALLY need including a pair of lovely shoes. This is also where Brooks Jr. found his love for nylon over his face.
Heather: "I'm pretty sure this makes me a bad mother but..."
Places nylon over head.
We both laugh hysterically.
Brooks Jr. also enjoyed this moment too.
A few other shout outs:
"Smith, wade lively."
"All of my unlces are named Benjamin, John, Robert, Ed, James and Dan. Can't get more generic than that."

All in all, Brooks Jr. is my absolute favorite fairy god son and I have missed Heather and her fam so much! Thank you for such a fun day!

Friday, June 25, 2010

wanna see something funny?

I'm pretty sure the first time I saw this commercial,
Kirk and I were rolling with laughter.

"Are we dipping skinny?"

Thursday, June 24, 2010

real housewives.

I must confess that I have an unhealthy love for BRAVO tv and the television shows within.
Real Housewives of New Jersey and New York are currently my favs.
I love how they repeat the same episodes over and over again.
They play season after season.
BeBe has been getting into it too.
I sometimes watch Hannah Montana with her, she watches inappropriate drama with me.
It's wonderful.
I'm probably so obsessed with these shows because I want to live on the east coast.
These ladies are definitely absolutely crazy.
But the scenery is fabulous.

Monday, June 21, 2010

emptying the dishwasher.

She did NOT want to empty the dishwasher.
So she did it from the ground.
Hey, as long as the job gets done.
That is all.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

the diet of champions.

Allow me to share with you what I gorged myself on today.
The day started off pretty alright with a piece of wheat toast con peanut butter and honey.
Then I went on to lunch which consisted of a bag of baked Lays and diet coke.
I proceeded to dinner and ventured off to the Safeway deli for a turkey and havarti panini. Then to Starbucks for a soy strawberry frapp.
I continued the evening babysitting where I ate a handful of bread.
After babysitting, I went to return a redbox at the grocery store where I bought 2 of those $1 ice creams that added up to about 500 calories.
I consumed those as a topping to the day.
And that my friends, is the diet of champions.
No, I am not pregnant. Nor am I mourning any sort of breakup or death.
Don't judge.

Friday, June 18, 2010


NO no... I will not be sharing any secrets on here.
Lo siento. (sorry)
But, I will let you in on my new favorite song.

I knew I loved One Republic.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Natalia has graduated from 6th GRADE!
And let me tell you, they definitely made a celebration of it all.
Hooray for BEBE! So grown up.
Stop it!

Monday, June 14, 2010

bachelorette: new york

(Hello Chris L. You are sweet. I like you.)

- Fall in love around the world saga sounds a bit familiar. Jillian's season mayhaps?
- I want a makeover by InStyle. Ohhh, I really want that mint green dress.
- I want to be a stylist. That would be so fun.
- I want more clothes.
- I digress.
- I think it's funny how the guys sit around talking about other guys' connections with Ali. Do guys really do this?
- I'm enjoying Chris L. He seems realistic and a GUY'S GUY.
- Casey, you're a bit awkward. You seem nice. But, awkward. Don't sing with only one person in the audience. Whoops.
- Casey. You are coming on a little too strong. Poor guy. Dial it down a notch. It will happen for you.
- Bebe: "I feel like if they got married, Casey will secretly want to kill her."
- Don't cry.
- Weatherman... you are a funny person. Just being yourself is funny.
- Those spandex biking-shorts are hot.
- The singing bits are FUNNY. I heart them.
- Jesse WINS the singing. But apparently Roberto has it all. He is pretty fine.
- Jealous boys. Poor guys.
- "Weather forecast was for sunny skies, but then the storm opened up and crapped on my face." - Classy analogy weatherman.
- Why is your hair scraggly on that Broadway stage Ali
- "Beehive of knives in your face." Weatherman does it again.
- I still don't have a favorite on this show. I have a few favorites.
- Frank, Kirk, Chris and Roberto. In no particular order.
- All of these weather analogies. Dang.
- Supposebly? Ali... I learned in like 9th grade that wasn't a word.
- Chris L. is a winner. I think he's become my favorite.
- Ali's hair this entire episode is bad. I hope it's just because she is feeling "under the weather."
- The singing episode. Too many solo singers. Holy shiz.
- Justin. ALL liars try to divert the lying attention onto someone else. Although Casey is lying... calm the freak down. Wo is you.
- Ooops with the tattoo. 11 nails? My Brothers? The two crazies are made for each other.
- The candy was sweet. Just pretend you didn't get that tattoo. Casey.
- Ahhh... you kept Casey. Do you just feel bad for the guy?
- Jesse is CUTE. I'll get acreage with a bunch of cows with you...
- Iceland looks pretty.
- After credits bloopers. I LOVE THEM. Hahaha!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

i am squidward.

I am feeling a bit on the squidward side of life lately.
Let me just be a little kid and not have to grow up.
And watch Spongebob and Hannah Montana everyday.