Wednesday, September 29, 2010

blah blah blah

Ok. I feel like I always have a million things to "blog" about while I am at work but then the second I get home, I can't remember any of them and my posts just get increasingly boring.
I would apologize for the state of my blog.
However, I am not.
Let us discuss the current thoughts that are happening in my mind.
1. Why did I eat those jalapeƱo chips? My ulcer is not to thrilled about it. But they taste soooo good!
2. Those people at Bath and Body Works gave me the look of annoyance yesterday. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I went there every day for 4 days. Joy.
3. I miss high school football.
4. I need some more leggings.
5. .........................
6. Clearly my mind is totally focused on this post.
7. Maybe I have ADD.
8. Wow. I literally have no thoughts at the moment.
9. I thought this would be more entertaining. I submit that it is not.

Cool. Well, that was obviously a successful waste of time.
Moving forward.
10. Did I mention my cool beans calling? I am the relief society teacher. Joy x2. I am glad I have to face my fears head on. I am a pretty big scaredy cat when it comes to speaking in front of groups of more than like 4. Well, I taught for the first time ever on Sunday and I would have to say that I wasn't so freaked out.

11. Has anyone ever watched the show "The Middle?" It's so bizarre and funny. There is a small child on the show named Brick and he is a class-A weirdo. He whispers to himself and he takes 11 days to rake leaves and wants to set them free in the woods or keep them in his room so he can read to them. A kid after my own heart if you ask me.

12. The scale says I lost 3 pounds. Must be broken because my jeans are actually fitting tighter than normal.

13. I wish I had a passion for taking pictures. I don't take my camera anywhere. Notice the lack of photos on here.

14. Modern Family = HILARIOUS.

15. Anyone have any good suggestions for facial cleansers. I am seriously seriously considering buying the Kardashian's skin care line. I'm such a sucker. SUCKER.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I am love love loving the following items.

This perfume:
Found here.
It seriously smells SO good. I don't even know how I could describe this scent except to say that I LOVE it and I want it.

Bath and Body Works fall scents.

Caramel Apple, Leaves, Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin and Cranberry Woods.
Buy them. I promise you won't be disappointed and it will get you in the perfect fall mood.
I am also enjoying wall flowers. I realllllly like them.

In other news,
I am working as a receptionist for a construction company in Lehi and I am pretty excited about it!
Bad news: I have to wake up at 6:30am. What. Yeah, I haven't woken up that early since high school... 5 years ago!

Oh yeah,
I am going to
t-minus 11 days. Seriously, I am in desperate desperate desperate need for a little R&R. Well, more specifically,
MINDY and ALIX time. It is special time. I love her. I miss her. I love her.

Pictures of the almost finished decorated apartment to come. I will say that I am not in love with it... but you live with what you get.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

ahhh paris.

on Sunday I went to my dear and most lovely friend's goodbye CHOCOLATE party.
Madison is going to Paris for 9 months to teach english!
I just love Madison. She is a favorite!
I knew this girl was awesome when I first met her and we discussed our inappropriate love and addiction for Grey's Anatomy. I mean, this girl is obsessed true blue - through and through... and so am I. She also loves chocolate. And may or may not have a dance for it... I dunno. Maybe.
Bon voyage Madison! You are going to have a blast!
at first, fairly awkward. that's how we do.
Note: the Eiffel Tower picture behind us. We like to also keep it themed.

oh look, now we're friends.

Also, I like to spotlight Shea. She is the sister of Madison. She is also a favorite. A favorite because I work with her EVERYDAY and surprisingly we don't want to kill each other by the end of the day. (Well, I guess I can only speak for myself here.) We are downright honest with each other - dare I say, brutally honest.
Shea is going to KILL me for putting this picture up but I just thought it was very telling of our relationship... It is a story.
Work does this to us. Usually I'm trying to explain something because I suck at communicating and Shea is usually bored with what I'm trying to say or annoyed that I can't get my point across in a timely and efficient manner. Either way, the moment was captured and I found it practically magical.

Next, another magical thing about us. We are party animals. I think I have shown a picture or two on this here blog of our most treasured moments working together. I mean, it's no secret we like to have a good time. And I'm just gonna leave it at that. (Details may be shared on a later date - certain material may be time sensitive.)

Yes. At the end of the day, we love each other. I just love her. And I am glad I got to get to know this lovely gem of a peach and her family!
Maybe it's time to hang out a little bit outside of the workplace? Yes, I'm asking you out over blog.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

lovely weekend.

A few nights ago, Kirk and I took a little field trip to Squaw Peak (make-out central).
We downloaded a few episodes of "Lie to Me," piled a bunch of blankets and pillows in the car, and a bag of golden grahams. (Why golden grahams? I don't know.) We found a cozy parking spot and snuggled up in the back seat and watched the show to our heart's content. Yeah, we're wild.

The previous weekend, Kirk planned a fun dinner out on the town so I decided to return the favor and take us to Sundance's very own Tree Room.
It was delightful. They may have lost our reservation (or I may have accidentally reserved a table for the wrong date... I mean, there's no proof.)
We LOVED the aesthetics and charm of this place and the food was delicious. Seriously.
Herbed Rolled Gnochi. Heavenly.
The restaurant manager made his way to our table and asked us if we were celebrating anything and we told him we were not, we just wanted a night out. Haha... I guess this place isn't the kind you just have dinner at one night... I think he was shocked that two college students would be able to afford (or not afford) a night out at the Tree Room.
We ended the night with some lollipops.

Pardon the POOR poor quality of these photos, we apparently don't take our cameras anywhere. iphones are what we use these days.

'Twas a lovely weekend indeed. :)

Monday, September 13, 2010

i am loving...

This color combo...

I want that dress. This is kind of the color scheme of my room.

I haven't really been up to much of anything lately. I have just been relaxing and laying low. I have been job hunting like crazy. Everyday I come home from work and look on Craigslist and follow-up on leads. Finding a job is a job in itself! I wish someone would pay me to look for one... :)
I had another interview on Friday. I think it went well, but time will only tell if it really did. I guess if I get the job that will prove how it went! I really hope I get it! It would be AWESOME!

I have been working on my room a lot more! I moved a few things around and I got a nightstand! I looooove it. Found at IKEA. It's white. I may paint it, but I'm leaving it as is right now. I am thinking about putting some pattern in the center of the door for kicks.
All I need to do is paint something for my walls... you know some decorations and whatnot.
THEN, I will do some work in the living room. Pictures to come!
ALSO, remember when I thought my sewing machine was locked in its case? WELL, I opened it. Because I'm magical.
But really, I am way excited about this because now I can make some pillow covers... if I can figure out how to use it. Don't worry. I'm really good at teaching myself things. One time, I taught myself how to knit in just one night. Yeah, I'm pretty awesome.

Happy Monday!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Last night I stayed up and watched a Fox News tribute to 9/11 and I couldn't help but get teary-eyed and filled with emotion. I think the older I get, the more of an impact this date has on me. I feel for those families who have lost loved ones and for the survivors.
I know I will never forget.
I am proud to live in America and to call myself an American.
I am proud of the men and women who serve and protect our country.
Including my dad.
I will never forget.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

raise yo hand

if you think my blog is in need of a semi-annual face lift?
Well, I am currently in the process of making this here bloggy blog utterly divine.
At least as divine as I can make it.
Given my skillz and talents, that's a pretty tight range. But, I'll get there.

Here are some updates for you:

- I am still working on the apartment/room. I am having a hard time with the red walls and feeling like it's looking like my mom's house. And although I loved my mom's home-y, warm feel, I also feel like that's exactly where it belongs, at my mom's house.
white white white.

- I really want to paint our coffee table that is currently a dark brown with a hint of red. I want to paint it white. I love white. I actually want to paint everything white. This includes, picture frames, mirror frames, all side tables and my empty frames in my room. Is this too overboard? Seriously, is it?
- I also want to revamp my mom's lampshades. They are mostly a cream color or black and that just contributes to the dungeon/dark feel to the apartment. I really want to do it, but I just don't know how. Anyone know how?
- I still need to clean my room.
- I think it's important to stay hydrated but it's so hard because I love love love me some diet coke (surprise!). Trying to drink water daily is really a challenge. What the heck is wrong with me.
- I have a job interview tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Alix Out.

Monday, September 6, 2010

this is what i sport.

This is what I am sporting these days.
No need to be jealous.

Friday, September 3, 2010

watch out!

I know I blog a lot about STUFF but let's be honest here, I love stuff and things.
Go ahead, call me shallow. I don't even care.
I have been really wanting a watch.
Can't decide if I want a white one or a gold one.
I have a major love for gold these days but when I see the white, I just love it too.

And of course they absolutely HAVE to be Marc Jacobs... right?
If only.
I will save my money for one. I really will.
Then I can look at my wrist and see the time instead of faking it.

Check out some cute ones HERE.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

john mayer.

For the last 10 years, I'm pretty sure Ani has begged me to go a John Mayer concert.
Well, on Tuesday, all of our dreams came true and we attended a John Mayer concert.
It was truly magical.
I have never experienced such an AWESOME, AMAZING concert in my LIFE.
And I have been to Celine Dion. (When I was like 10)
Let's talk about all the awesome things about the concert:
-The weather was perfection. Until the sun went down. Then it was freaking cold. BUT, nothing a blanket and a little cuddle action couldn't fix.
-John played all my favorite songs and I sang along to all of them.
-He said, "this one's for you." which of course was directed towards yours truly.
-the sound was phenomenal.

Kirk and myself awaiting John Mayer's debut at Usana. BOMB.

Us, John is in the background. He's playing. Don't worry, there is nothing wrong with my eye. Poor quality is due to iPhone camera.


The best part was after his last song, John Mayer left the stage and after much screaming and applauding, he decided to come back out for an encore. So we sneaked into the seating and got a closer look. AWESOME! Such a fun night!