Tuesday, March 30, 2010

factoid tuesday.

yeah, my title makes little to no sense.
I know. It's hard coming up with titles lately. This is not a dire problem. No worries. I'm not stressed about it.

Fact: When I was in the 6th grade, I wrote a newsletter about my class switching teachers. I called it "Sweet Switch" because the teacher's name was Mr. Sweet. Props to me.
Fact: I still have not made it to the D.I. and Plato's Closet to donate my threads.
Fact: I am drinking substantially more water than I have in the previous months. Slowly feeling more hydrated.
Fact: I had my teeth cleaned at 8am this morning. They feel smooth and shiny.
Fact: I picked up Kirk at 11:30am and we went and ate lunch. I ordered a salad. I am proud.
Fact: After our lunch date, Kirk and I went bowling. I lost. BUT, I broke 60. I am proud once again.
Fact: My madre is in town. I just love my mom.
Fact: I am missing my little sisters.
Fact: I am thinking about moving out of Utah. No plans. Nothing set. Maybe not even a real thought. Just throwing it out there.
Fact: I finally cleaned my room. FINALLY. Spring cleaning complete.
Fact: I am planning a trip to South Carolina to visit my lovely friend Mindy this summer. Need to get out and do something fun. For me.
Fact: I trimmed my own bangs and now I regret it. Why didn't I remember that I wanted to grow them out? Shoot.
Fact: I have found a pandora station that I really enjoy. "Ingrid Michaelson" It makes me feel like I am on Grey's Anatomy. I have only changed the songs twice. That's a record.
Fact: I went to the mall today and spent zero dollars. Like my friend Heather. We are MFEO. Like Paris and Nicole. Or cheddar and mozzarella.
Fact: Bed time. For real. I am tired.

Most Sincerely,

Monday, March 29, 2010

a realization.

So I did something really depressing today.
No, I didn't re-watch those humane society commercials over and over again. No, I didn't watch Steel Magnolias or The Notebook.
I tried on bathing suits.
For fun.
That's an oxymoron.
What I was thinking, I may never understand.
All I know is that I came out of the dressing room feeling more depressed about my body than I have felt in a long time.
I have grown to actually be very comfortable in my own skin. To embrace my curves.
Bathing suit season is just a blow to the ego.
However, I also walked out of that dressing room realizing where my so-called "PROBLEM" areas are (or in my case, my whole body) and am going to focus and hone in on those "areas" in the next couple of months. I felt a sense of encouragement.
It's not necessarily because I want to look good for everyone in a swim suit, although that kind of motivation doesn't hurt. It's more for myself. To be comfortable with myself in a swim suit. I want to not worry about what I look like, or what I am self conscience about while in one. I don't want to take away from the fun I could be having because I am worrying about my un-toned legs, or arms. (shame)
I'm not looking for drastic changes here. Like I said, I enjoy my curves and don't want that part of me to be gone.
I am just going to do things that make me feel good.
And that is all I am going to do.
It's too hard to change everything all at once for me.
It's a gradual, day to day sort of thing.
A reminder to not eat that extra cookie, I don't want it. (Yes, I do.)
Or eat even when I'm full. I am so guilty of this. So so SO guilty of this. I eat until I am sickeningly full; to the point where I am almost comatose. When this happens, all I can think that one deadly sin, gluttony. The word it self makes me think of just oozing out of bed every morning. Not something I really want.
What I do want is to be healthy.
And that is something I know can be done.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

tiffany alvord.

So... last night I hung out with my cuzzo Rachel and her boyfriend Travis.
Travis has a sister named Tiffany who is an exceptionally great singer. She has a youtube account and puts her videos up of her singing. She has gotten offers from multiple record lables and Disney has even made a few phone calls in her direction.
She has over 120,000 subscribers and some of her videos have over 3 million views!
Do we remember Justin Bieber? He started as a little boy in youtube land, just singing Chris Brown songs in his bedroom.
Now, he's a star.
I'm just sayin.

We probably spent um, 3 hours going through all of her videos... she is seriously going to be famous.
I am

Friday, March 26, 2010

why women are single

My friend Brittany told me about this and I have not stopped laughing since.
It is a sound clip but, you have to list to it... I promise it's funny....

"Why Women Are Still Single"

Seriously... This guy is a piece of work.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Well, looks like today is Wednesday. That means yesterday was Tuesday.
Pretty elementary. This I know. Apparently, I forgot about Tuesdays and my regular Tuesday routine.
I didn't post my Poll Tuesday Question.
It's ok, I didn't do my laundry yesterday which was and has been my designated laundry day.
So yes, I happen to be a little bit behind.
Behind on my personal chores.
Behind on my blog.
Behind in LIFE.
For realz.
Oh you don't believe me?
Well, I would show you my bank statement, but that's just a little TOO personal.
Alls I am sayin' is I just paid my hospital bill and want to shoot myself in the knee too.
Just to add insult to injury. Or maybe injury to insult?
Whatever, I don't need to go shopping.
I don't need to eat for that matter.
I probably shouldn't eat for a while since my gimp-ness has added lbs to my behind.
OH... there is that word again "BEHIND"
it haunts me.
Anyway, this may be irrelevant information.

Today's WEDNESDAY poll Tuesday question is:

Who is your favorite comedian? Who just makes you LAUGH?

Let me know. I'll tell you mine, if you tell me yours... :)

Also, please add a caption to the above aforementioned picture if you so desire.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"it was real that day i wore a vest."

"because that vest was disgusting."

Mean Girls is easily in my top 3 favorite movies. I am always in the mood to watch it and always get a good laugh at it.
I am no saint. I have had my spouts of mean-ness. Remember this?
In fact, I do recall a moment in my life where I vividly decided to be mean to some people. I thought, where has nice gotten me? People walk all over me. I'm so sick of being nicey-nice face.
I guess I was on crack when I thought that...
Weird that it's funny to me when I have such a LOW tolerance for real mean girls.
I will never forget sitting in relief society my freshman year at BYU-Idaho and listening to my friend Kate talk about the pain she feels when she sees others putting down others. She was in tears.
I have been around my fair share of mean-ness. Mean girls are not foreign to me. I am not perfect. I know I have been mean and to other girls too. I am not proud of it. But, now I am over it. I don't get the whole mean thing now.
Especially when girls are mean to girls.
How can we support each other and uplift each other when we are talking about each other behind backs?
This kind of behavior makes me SO angry and SO sad. I am disappointed whenever I catch myself doing it. It's unfair and it's just unkind.
Mother Theresa said, "If you judge people, then you have no time to love them."

Monday, March 22, 2010

i found it.

I found what I have been looking for.
It took many a trial and error and I have found my favorite makeup.
This amazing foundation is called Jane Iredale

This was recommended by my friend Brittany and I seriously love it.
I get the coverage I want and it doesn't look like I am wearing loads of makeup.
AND it's mineral based so it's HEALTHY for my skin.
I love me some mineral makeup.
I started out wearing Bare Minerals but after a many years of being a devoted Bare Escentuals user, I just was not getting the coverage I wanted and the brushes were too harsh on my ever so sensitive skin.
I have even started to wash my face with Cetaphil bar soap. It's gentle. This is the only stuff that does not cause any skin irritation or dryness and it's cheap! Cheaper than what I was using and I am so happy I have found something that works for my skin.
Anyway, my quest for good makeup has nearly come to an end. I am the kind of person who finds what works and sticks to it... until it stops working of course.
I am all about trying to look and feel my best. Just being comfortable in my own skin.
My friend Brittany (Do you think I talk about her enough on this blog?) She wrote an amazing post on her blog about women and beauty. I really feel like she hit the nail on the head on this one.
You won't regret.


I really had a plan today.
I promise.
I was gonna go to the D.I.
And Plato's Closet.
To donate these from my closet organization party.

I mean, I guess I still have time.
But, instead I really just want to veg.

I'm only a little bit ashamed.

This is not anything new. Pretty much every day I have a plan. I make it while at work. I say to myself, "When I'm off, I'm gonna go do this and this and clean and organize and make my day SO productive."
And I really am so motivated.
And then I get home and I see my remote and T.V. and I all I am motivated to do is turn on that television and put my dogs up and relax.
I worked allllll day. I deserve some R & R.
And, you know what?
I don't feel guilty. I really don't.

Friday, March 19, 2010

i like.

Oil paintings by Erin Westenskow Berrett found HERE.

Found out about her on this blog.

Giving credit where credit is due.
I enjoy these a lot. I want one. Just one. Maybe two.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

"you women are a joy."

That's what I came home to today.
"You women are a joy."
Said by my roommate's very loving and very endearing boyfriend.
I didn't do anything wrong. And to be honest, if he would have said that to me 2 or 3 days ago, I probably would have chewed his head off. But today, I decided to let it roll off my back. He's not MY boyfriend. Not MY problem.
Moving on.

Today I was able to be a part of a Shade photo shoot. Yes, me. Miss Awkward.
Today only proved to myself that I really am as awkward as I say.
Photos to come on this soon. Don't worry I will show you. How could I not?

So today, I worked with THIS girl.

If you don't know her, you should.
She is awesome.
Read her blog. You can just see how awesome she is by reading it. She even went to Haiti. Yeah, Haiti.
She is a wardrobe stylist. A good one.
Check out her other blog HERE.
Her name is Brittany Barnes and she is becoming a favorite in my book.
I spent ALL day with her because she did the photo shoot with me and we bonded. We really did. We both decided it was awkward. (should I say awkward one more time? AWKWARD.)
Also, this girl is someone I can talk to ALL day... like today. And I feel like we can totally relate.
I just enjoy her company and am so glad I have met her.

Alright. So anyway, I am learning more and more about simplifying your life. And living without the clutter. My other awesome friend Trudy has blogged about it and I will say I have been feeling more and more inspired to get rid of a TON of my stuff. I mean, I really don't need it. I only use about 50% of it and I think I should make that number go to 100%.
So now I shall go clear out my closet.

3 piles:
1. Throw away - anything that is damaged or in poor condition.
2. Give away - anything in good condition, does not flatter and haven't used in a year.
3. Keep. Things that have been used within a year and LOVE.

Here we go...

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

these are my confessions.

I have a confession.
Well, it's really no secret.
I actually like Miley Cyrus.
I like her songs and I liked her show. I even want to see her movie.
There. I said it.

P.S. Happy Irish Day!

my boyfriend is funny.

A couple weeks ago, Kirk and I were going through a bunch of notes that I wrote him when we first started dating. He happened upon a note from a girl from his past and I wanted to read it but he refused and tore it up and threw it in the dumpster.
That evening we had to go grocery shopping.
(This was 2 days after I had broken my foot.)
Kirk told me that I needed to use one of those motorized carts.
I told him no because those are embarrassing and that HE should use it - still annoyed that he wouldn't let me read that dang note.
Kirk accepted his punishment and got into the motorized cart and carted along his limping girlfriend.
This was a sight.
Kirk, having nothing wrong with is mobilization, had no real reason to drive this cart around. He just looked like a jerk who made his broken-footed girlfriend walk. It was so funny. I really was laughing so hard.
The story gets better, I promise.
So, we're shopping along for dinner supplies and next thing we know... we run into THE GIRL.
Let me paint you a picture.
Limping girlfriend with cast. Boyfriend in motorized cart turning BRIGHT red and girl from past staring in confusion at the sight. I don't blame her. It was weird. HAHA.
After the awkward encounter, I couldn't help but think, poor Kirk.
Ohhhh, karma.
I truly do believe in that.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

three point one four.

Today's date.
March 14th.

I'm not much of a math person but, I do understand the meaning of such a day.
This is the day to make pies.
What better pie to make than grasshopper pie.

One pre-made oreo crust.
One tub of ice cream.

In other news, I have made myself a new header for this here bloggy blog.
Yes, I have made it myself with my wonderfully crafted skills in photoshop.
Go ahead, praise me.
Except for the fact that Kirk's assistance was needed about 95% of the time.
It was alllll my idea though.
It brightens my soul to see those green stripes.
And you can bet your bottom-dollar that I will be changing those minty green stripes to sunshine yellow stripes come summer time. It is my template. For life.
Had a very fun Saturday.
Spent with Kirky-Kirk.
I just heart him.

Until next time,
Alix OUT.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


I have been noticing a trend.
My title gave it away.
I am seeing them all over and to be honest, I was not originally a fan of this look. I thought it was cheap.
But I am totally digging it now.

Check it.
(via jcrew.com)

I'm kind of sad though because this beauty is $138.
I still love it.

I am also enjoying ruffles.
Pretty much any dainty detail.
(via jcrew.com)

Ok... maybe this is an ode to J. Crew.
I seriously love this stuff. And like I said, I am sad I can't afford a thread.

But I am loving THIS skirt as well.
(via jcrew.com)
It's a shame.
Donations are accepted in my name.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

i don't know what to title this

Sometimes, not ALL the time, but sometimes, I have to remind myself that I am not hungry and that I just had dinner 15 minutes ago. And I was full when I finished. (I'm like my little sister Bebe in this way.)
Anyway, tonight was one of those nights.
So... there I was, watching THIS show. Modern Family.
And that was when I realized I really really really wanted chips and salsa.
Does anyone know the reason for such a craving?
See the mexicana woman on the left in this picture?
She spoke with her Colombian accent and made me instantly want chips and salsa.
I'm so politically incorrect,
this I know.

Moving on.
My weakness or my favorite guilty pleasure snack mostly feeds that savory taste bud.
I would much rather have a Thanksgiving feast than anything else.
Although, I will tell you that depending on my mood, I can definitely go for a bowl of ice cream. Mint chocolate chip to be more precise.
Thank you everyone for joining in the fun of Poll Tuesday.
Let's make this a tradition.
Same time?
Same place?
See you then.


So basically, I have nothing to really blog about.
My foot has returned to HALF the swollen size it was when first broken (which is actually double it's original size.)
I went back to work today after a week off...
Kind of.
It was nice at first but, then I got bored sitting at my house glued to my bed and my tv. Seriously, who woulda thought?
Work is only like a pinch better, and I make monies. So, back to work I went.
Not the easiest day at work.
I am thinking about not wearing my foot brace anymore.
I can just feel the people pointing and laughing.
For reals.
I have also noticed that when I post a recipe, nobody comments? Is this because nobody likes the recipes? If so, I will not be offended. Ok, I might be. HOWEVER, I like to make this bloggy a fun and enjoyable experience for all audiences. Well, for my audience. I love cooking and finding new recipes. I am incredibly picky about what I make because I am mostly poor and I don't like to spend money on ingredients and have it not be delicious. Get it?

(not a word? this I know.)
I am hereby calling Tuesdays
"Poll Toll Tuesday"
Ok, so it's still a work in progress.
Basically I will ask a question every Tuesday.
It will be somewhat of a poll if you will. See how that ties in there?
It may be for my personal pleasure to know what others think - mostly for that reason. But, maybe to prove someone wrong. Or just see how others live their lives. Was that redundant? I have no idea. It's late for me now.

This weeks Toll Tuesday question is:

What is your weakness? A savory snack or a sweet treat or bread?

(I'll tell you my personal opinion on this manana, AKA tomorrow.)
Thank you all,
And a goodnight to you.

Monday, March 8, 2010

baked potato soup

I totally had a hankering for some baked potatoes tonight.
I have recently learned that Kirk does not enjoy the baked potato like I do
Found this quite delightful (not to mention healthy) recipe and just HAD to try it.
It literally cost a whopping $10 for up to 6 servings. (I think it made more.)
Healthy AND cheap? Dang.

(photo via myrecipes.com)

You will need:
  • 3-4 large baking potatoes
  • 6 cups 2% milk
  • 1 cup light sour cream
  • 1 1/2 cup grated sharp cheddar cheese
  • 1/2 cup finely chopped green onion
  • 3/4 cup flour
  • 1/2 cup crispy bacon (about 8 strips)
  • 1/2 tsp black pepper
  • salt to taste
Ok. There are two ways these potatoes can be cooked.

You could A. Peel and chop up your taters and boil them in some salted water with a clove of garlic, and a sprig of onion chopped and some onion powder. They are done with fork-tender.
OR B. Bake the potatoes in the oven at 400 degrees for 50 minutes. I prefer option A mostly because it's faster and slightly more flavorful.
Once potatoes are finished coarsely mash and set aside. Make sure you remove all skins.

Next, add flour to a large pot (preferably non-stick) and slowly whisk in milk on medium heat. Continue whisking so the flour does not burn on the bottom. When mixture is bubbly and thick, go ahead and add mashed potatoes and cheese. When cheese is fully melted, remove from heat and add *sour cream and green onions. Add pepper and salt to taste.

Ladle 1 1/2 cup soup into bowls and garnish with extra cheese and bacon! (The bacon makes this dish... seriously.)

*I mixed together the sour cream and green onions in a blender so not to have huge chunks of onions. Worked like a charm.

ENJOY! This is such an easy meal and so delicious! Honest!


Story time.
Lately, I have been spending exorbitant amounts of time at home which allows me to surf the web and view tacky day-time television.
Some good things that have come from this are delightfully delicious recipes I happen upon.
One of which was featured Ina Garten's The Barefoot Contessa (A Food Network favorite.)
This particular recipe was a lovely penne with tomato sauce. I will say that while watching this be plated, I may have drooled. I'm not even embarrassed.
I wanted to make it for Sunday dinner.
This recipe called for Vodka and after a facebook poll, I determined that I will not feel guilt about cooking with alcohol and I will in fact, make it.
Saturday night I asked Kirk to take me to the state liquor store.
Of course we had absolutely no idea where this place was and Kirk and I were fumbling with our phones trying to plug it in to our GPS systems. All the while, Kirk is kind of swerving in and out of traffic and changing lanes without signaling etc.
Next thing we know, we see the police lights flashing behind us.
Cop comes to the window and proceeds to tell us all of the minor infractions we managed to make within a block radius.
Cop then asks, "Where are you guys going?"
Kirk and I exchanged glances, stuttered... basically we were being totally suspicious and awkward.
Finally Kirk said, "Ok, this is going to sound really bad, but we are on our way to the state liquor store to get some vodka for a recipe for tomorrow night."
The cop draws up his sleeve, looks at his watch and says, "Liquor store closes at 10:30pm."
(It was 11:15pm at that point.)
Cop leaves with Kirk's license and registration and comes back and says, "Watch your driving."
And that was it.
I told Kirk, "I'm surprised you told the cop the truth about where we were going!"
Kirk replied, "I believe it was the truth that set us free."


Friday, March 5, 2010


There is something very comfy-cozy about wearing your boy's over-sized, non-matching jammers.

the life of a gimp

I have been doing a lot of this lately.
Lounging in my bed, remote within reach, diet coke close by, browsing the web.
It's kind of nice to relax in my space and do pretty much nothing.
But, I'm getting a little antsy and a little (dare I say) bored.
Come on little footie... time to speed up that healin'.
I've got a life to live!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Kirk showed this to me today.
Apparently his mom cancelled his computer game account and this is his reaction.
I was literally in tears-going to throw up-laughing so hard.

And his brother has like 10 "freak-out" videos on youtube and I'm pretty sure I am dying.
Obviously this kid has some anger issues...?
Good thing we can laugh at his expense.
If you are not offended by slight cussing and extreme aggression, I highly recommend you watch them ALL.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

on the wings

(and Vienna's ears. Ooooo. Harsh.)

I'm sure we are all Bachelor'd out. I know I am.
Good for them.
This show just makes me laugh and I know I should have lost all hope in the Bachelor seasons ago.
But, I have to say that I have been duped by Mr. Pavelka.
As discussed with cuzzo Rachel, we have decided that towards the last few episodes of this season, we kind of lost interest in him and the show.
I think Tenley dodged a bullet and that's all I need to know.
So, don't expect me to watch next season's Bachelorette, because you can bet your bottom dollar that I will not be.
I'm not even mad.
I'm indifferent.
Which is WORSE!

P.S. Did anyone notice Vienna's facial difference? Did she get a nose job? Face lift? Botox? Seriously, what up with that girl?

if it ain't broke...

Well... it is.
Note: the guy in the right corner behind me. Funny. Also, don't judge me. I look like a mess and that's because I was.
Story: (It's not even a cool story.) I went home early from work because I was feeling mysteriously and suddenly nauseous. I rested for a few hours and then headed to my cousin's house for the Bachelor finale.
I was on the last step of my stairs and my ankle just gave out. I have weak ankles. Surprised I have gone this far without an injury.
Anyway, there went my ankle and the side of my foot broke my fall.
I even heard a CRACKING sound.
(It makes me cringe just thinking about it.)
I totally thought I was fine because I am clumsy and fall all the time. I went to the kitchen to grab my popcorn maker and that's when I realized there was a problem. I really couldn't walk.
I called Kirk and he told me to come right over so we could figure out a game-plan. I had borrowed his car to come home from work early so hobbled myself (thought about crawling across the street) And drove myself to his place with my left foot... not easy.
I was kind of freaking out because if it was broken, how could I work? How would I pay for the hospital bills? What am I going to do?
Luckily, Kirk was immediately on the ball and making phone calls left and right. (Seriously, thank the Lord for Kirk.)
Short story long, I made it to the E.R. and took a few X-rays and it was determined there was a small bone break on the right side of my right foot. A piece of my BONE broke off! AH!
So now I am on crutches and have a little boot on my foot.
Luckily, the doc said I could try walking on it in a week and should be fully healed in a month or so.
Oooooooh Mondays...